UQES provides a variety of resources to help our members from all backgrounds and year levels. On this page, you'll be able to find our BEcon Guide, Careers Guide and First Year Guide.

BEcon Guide

The BEcon Guide has been an integral part of UQES' Publications portfolio since 2011. Its purpose is to aid students in their course selections and provide advice from past students on how to perform well in those subjects. The guide contains:

  • Advantages, disadvantages, and tips for all Bachelor of Economics courses
  • Historical grade information for most School of Economics courses
  • Tips and other miscellaneous information to help students plan their economics degree

The 2024 BEcon Guide

Careers Guide

Each year, UQES produces a Careers Guide to help bridge the gap between university life and the corporate world. The Careers Guide is an invaluable handbook for students preparing for internship and graduate program recruitment processes. This year’s guide has over 100 pages of business profiles, cover letter and CV writing tips and other resources.

  • Key dates for graduate and internship applications
  • A list of firms and government bodies with essential company and recruitment information
  • A ‘how to’ guide for writing CV’s and cover letters

UQES Careers Guide 2024

First Year Guide

Each year, UQES produces a First Year Guide to help new students in the transition to university, providing tips and tricks from current students!

UQES First Year Guide 2024

UQES First Year Guide 2023