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Not Another Coronavirus Article!

As health restrictions mount, the focus is increasingly on what impact of COVID-19 will be. The work of Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson suggests that they will go to the roots of how our society is structured. Not Another Coronavirus ArticleDownload Sales of Camus’...

Meet the Team

With 2020 off to a flying start after the release of the BEcon Guide, it's time to introduce the pubs team. This is a menagerie of economics obsessed nerds carefully selected by UQES in the hopes of entertaining you for another year (or for the first time). Zach...

Correcting the Carbon Crisis

Climate change is one of the world’s biggest economic problems. To sufficiently reduce its impact, governments across the world must take significant action. This includes implementing policies to abate carbon emissions: a known cause of climate change. These...

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