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Maximising Your Utility and Minimising Your Ambulance Trips at the UQES Ball: An Economic Insight

Much of my first-year microeconomics course was focused on the concept of maximising utility. What exactly is utility? The unassuming layman or fourth year ex-GPS rowing BAFE student who began their degree during COVID might ask. The irony of that question, however,...

Economic Rents in the Housing Market (Very Sad!)

There was a very happy time in high school where I could get a Large Quarter Pounder Meal for under ten dollars. This was very cool. But just as the blue spring of my youth faded into the double bitterness of age and missed first round Economics Ball tickets, so too...

Inflation Unrest and the Halo of Monetary Policy

Inflation has always been a frontrunner in the list of highly discussed economic indicators. It dictates wages, living costs, and, in election seasons, it dictates our political leaders. Countries experiencing hyperinflation are seen as paragons of tyranny and...

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