We Are a Society of Passionate Students, that Aim to Enrich the University Life of its Members by Providing Opportunities for Social Interaction and Professional Development in Economics and Related Fields.

Meet the Publications Team

Here at the UQES Meme Factory UQES Publications Portfolio we are interested in providing the proletariat UQ students with informative information such as the BEcon and Career Guides, intriguing blog posts concerning everything from pub crawl to the pros and cons of...
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Free Trade – The Beginning of the End?

By Caelan Rafferty Trade liberalisation in its amorphous forms has dominated both popular media and thought over the last decade, having engendered significant shifts in global perceptions regarding the transfer of goods and services worldwide. The institutions and...
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The Shifting Frontier: A Political Evolution

By Caelan Rafferty As one watched with dismay and awe the tumultuous stumble of financial markets during the Global Financial Crisis, one might almost feel a similar sense of déjà vu in examining the current state of global politics. Leadership spills, coups and...
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