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The Australian Sugar Rush

Soft drink; the base to most of our favourite alcoholic beverages, a kids’ birthday party treat and an Australia Day staple. How unaustralian would it be if the federal government decided to tax an Aussie essential? Fortunately for us, this has not happened (yet),...

Meet the 2019 Publications Team

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the best and most awkward week of your life, Week 1! With the success of market day (we really hope you didn't burn and look like a tomato, because I sure did) and your ever-growing progress with finding your classes, we thought...

Semester Two Blues and How to Beat Them

Missing that Euro summer tan that the other half of UQ seems to have? Didn’t find the time (or the money) over the break to squeeze in that sneaky ski trip to NZ? Well, to help you plan your next little getaway, the UQES publications team brings you an economist’s...

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