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Opinion: In Defence of the Welfare State

When it comes to Australian public discourse, the association of the Welfare State with the economic left is generally taken for granted. For those of us eager to avoid accusations of intellectual partisanship, it can be an attractive proposition to shirk our...

Modern Monetary Theory – The Legs are Off

In the climax of the Real Housewives of New York’s sixth season, Aviva declares “… the only thing artificial or fake about me is this!” Proceeding to throw her prosthetic leg across the table. In addition to being iconic, this also provides context to the debate...

Why Artists Should Be Fed: The Case For Arts Funding

In 1991 Why Surfers Should be Fed, by Belgian Political philosopher Philippe Van Parjis, made the liberal case for a universal basic income[1]. He argued that given certain factual circumstances, liberal justice requires us to give the surfers on Hawaiian beaches an...

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