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The Economics of Preselection

By Zachary Hayward Faceless men, backroom deals, leadership spills. The cliches of politics have been taken apart every election cycle and rearranged in some new dispiriting configuration. We’re left wondering why our leaders seem out of touch and bereft of new ideas....

Making Sense of the Zoom Boom

By Jennifer Min Covid-19 has kept us apart in many ways, but it has also brought us closer … to our electronic screens. While industries around the world are reeling from the economic fallout of the pandemic, the video conferencing industry has taken off (Brandl,...

Predicting the Medal Tally

By Daniel Walton With the Tokyo Olympics underway, athletes are gearing up to triumph or falter in the names of their countries. So, the question on a lot of minds is: who will be atop this Olympics? Of course, the obvious answer is the United States, victors of every...

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