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Declan Hunt Portfolio Position: pls fix, thxPersonal Economics Flaw: flaw? singular?Edgy Topic: 2009 leather jacket Malcolm Turnbull was just OKMy Best Characteristic: near encyclopedic knowledge of The Simpsons seasons 1-12My Meanest Characteristic: I do...

JoCD Highlight – Lecturer Interview: Associate Professor Ian MacKenzie

Interviewed by Daniel Walton What drew you to the field of economics? And in particular, what inspired you to go into academia? It all goes back to my high school teacher. In Scotland, I had a really awesome secondary school teacher who taught me economics. It was a...

JoCD Highlight – Sweatshops: A Love Letter

By Will Palfrey Sweatshops are a controversial form of production that are perhaps in the back of people’s minds when purchasing many sorts of goods. It is not a surprise that this is the case, as companies all around the world pursue ever-higher profits and are...

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