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Why Artists Should Be Fed: The Case For Arts Funding

In 1991 Why Surfers Should be Fed, by Belgian Political philosopher Philippe Van Parjis, made the liberal case for a universal basic income[1]. He argued that given certain factual circumstances, liberal justice requires us to give the surfers on Hawaiian beaches an...

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The Gender Pay Gap seems to be a topic that can easily make your family dinners awkward and turn your Friday night parties into very heated and alcohol fuelled debates. Why is that the case? The data clearly shows that there is a gap in the average annual earning...

The Economics of Compulsory Voting

The long lines, annoying party workers and the smell of a democracy sausage are experiences that united every adult Australian less than two short weeks ago. We might not have all been happy about it: but we had to go through the ritual. After spending eternity in a...

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