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Meet the 2018 Publications Team

With a big year ahead of us and market day behind us, it’s time for the UQES publications team to spread its wings and flaunt its colours. Be nice, we’re shy. Whilst UQES’ other portfolios will be bringing you events where you’ll meet your new best friends, have some...

An Interview with a QIC Economist

2017 Publications Director Eddie Watson sits down for an interview with Nathan Cotton, an economist for QIC. A bit about Nathan EW: So, let’s start with a bit about yourself. How did you progress from doing Honours, to working at the RBA, and then now at QIC? NC: I...

Daylight Savings: Summertime Sadness

At some point during wrenching itself from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century, Queensland decided to buck the trend in all things sensible. Not content with butchering the pronunciation of maroon (I mean come on), having cultural heritage in the world’s...

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