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A CBA into My Health Record

It is often said that the true mark of adulthood is when you realise from this point onwards that you’re now in charge of organising all of your appointments. And yes, this includes ringing them up to book an appointment (as daunting as many of us might find that)....

Inconceivable: What can the Princess Bride teach us about economic development?

The Princess Bride, in addition to being one of the great satires of the late 80s, with some of the most quotable dialogue ever written, also happens to include some great examples of applied economics. Perhaps the most famous is a game theory analysis of the Battle...

The Australian Sugar Rush

Soft drink; the base to most of our favourite alcoholic beverages, a kids’ birthday party treat and an Australia Day staple. How unaustralian would it be if the federal government decided to tax an Aussie essential? Fortunately for us, this has not happened (yet),...

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