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How Many Single Guys is too Many?

UQ Love Letters got you feeling down? Anyone else looking for a Harry to their Meghan? Whilst the Pubs team at UQES might not be able to solve your dating woes, you can thank your lucky stars you’re not a single guy living in China! China has one serious bachelor...

Does Size Matter?

We all learn in our first-year economics courses about economies of scale – the concept that the larger a firm becomes, the more cost efficient it can be. This cost efficiency comes through the streamlining its processes (#lowermarginalcosts) and can often provide the...

The Commonwealth Games: History and Hysteria

Once every four years, we all pretend to understand how diving is scored, or that the reason we watch the beach volleyball is for the score. It is also around this time that many of us find ourselves asking what the point of the Commonwealth Games is if half the world...

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