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Semester Two Blues and How to Beat Them

Missing that Euro summer tan that the other half of UQ seems to have? Didn’t find the time (or the money) over the break to squeeze in that sneaky ski trip to NZ? Well, to help you plan your next little getaway, the UQES publications team brings you an economist’s...

The Gambler’s Fallacy

If you’ve already bought your ticket for this year’s UQES Ball, then congratulations on maximising your utility! If not, I’m afraid to inform you that you exhibit signs of being an irrational decision maker. Now, we economists love our models (economics models, that...

How Many Single Guys is too Many?

UQ Love Letters got you feeling down? Anyone else looking for a Harry to their Meghan? Whilst the Pubs team at UQES might not be able to solve your dating woes, you can thank your lucky stars you’re not a single guy living in China! China has one serious bachelor...

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