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The Economics of Compulsory Voting

The long lines, annoying party workers and the smell of a democracy sausage are experiences that united every adult Australian less than two short weeks ago. We might not have all been happy about it: but we had to go through the ritual. After spending eternity in a...

It’s Time for a Broader Economics Education

Let’s be frank – we have rather a few issues which need to be addressed. Whether it’s growing inequality, shrinking social mobility or environmental degradation, our collective prosperity depends upon the ability of our young economists to pragmatically address the...

A CBA into My Health Record

It is often said that the true mark of adulthood is when you realise from this point onwards that you’re now in charge of organising all of your appointments. And yes, this includes ringing them up to book an appointment (as daunting as many of us might find that)....

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