Meet the Team 2024

by 2024 Publications Team

January 9, 2024

Emma Searle (Publications Vice-President)

Portfolio Position: Agent of silliness and whimsy

Personal Economics Flaw: I never want to split a check because it requires doing basic arithmetic in front of other people

Edgy Topic: All economic systems should follow Monopoly rules

My Best Characteristic: Being the same height as an alpaca (llama?)

My Meanest Characteristic: Mr Darcy apologist

Political Position: Despite his Irish citizenship-ness, Hozier should be PM

Dream Job: Treasurer under Hozier (and only Hozier)

Proudest Moment: When people are nice to me in my tutor evaluations

Sanjeev Raju (Publications Officer)

Portfolio Position: Gin and tonic enjoyer

Personal Economics Flaw: Cash isn’t real money so buying anything with it is basically free (the number in my bank account doesn’t go down)

Edgy Topic: Vanilla >>>>>> Chocolate

My Best Characteristic: I (proudly) don’t drink coffee

My Meanest Characteristic: I’ve never been to a concert and don’t plan to

Political Position: For any given food item watermelon is the best flavour

Dream Job: Owning a small bakery on a corner street in Liechtenstein

Proudest Moment: Finishing FINM3412 without having ripped any hair out of my skull

Emma Rogers (Publications Officer)

Portfolio Position: Iced-caramel-latte-ordering, sundress-wearing teenage girl

Personal Economics Flaw: Always paying extra for guacamole even if it costs more than my meal

Edgy Topic: Apple music is better than Spotify

My Best Characteristic: Can recite every line in Gilmore Girls

My Meanest Characteristic: Lululemon mum core

Political Position : Taylor for president 2024

Dream Job: Lily van der Woodsen

Proudest Moment: Walking past the lolly shop without buying zappos

Hannah Rutter (Publications Officer)

Portfolio Position: “Stuck up law student”

Personal Economics Flaw: Government bond yield curve

Edgy Topic: Outlaw private car ownership

My Best Characteristic: Ability to use a semicolon

My Meanest Characteristic: Womansplaining

Political Position: Honey soy chicken chip hater

Dream Job: Professional grandma (wealthy, divorced, mysterious)

Proudest Moment: Finally understanding the difference between a seagull, pelican, and freaky fish

Zac Kienzle (Publications Officer)

Portfolio Position: Token BAFE student

Personal Economics Flaw: Subsiding Merlo with my coffee orders

Edgy Topic: All subjects are the same and you can’t prove they’re different

My Best Characteristic: That dictionary I read in the fourth grade

My Meanest Characteristic: My anathema toward math hate

Political Position: Commander of the shadow government

Dream Job: Lumberjack in an unpopulated Canadian forest

Proudest Moment: Going two sentences without using a trisyllabic word

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