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The University of Queensland Economics Society uniquely offers a blend of professional, educational and social experiences for students from all degree backgrounds (not just Economics!). From workshops and competitions to poker nights and parties, we deliver diverse events throughout the year to 1100+ members. Join us for exciting experiences as well as our specially curated publications, podcasts and various academic and career resources!

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Is it over now? Taylor Swift and the impact of over-saturation.
by Hannah Rutter
A TikTok account of one’s own: BookTok and the commodification of reading
By Emma Searle
Meet the Team 2024
by 2024 Publications Team


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How do I join UQES / How do I buy a UQES membership?

Buy your membership from our QPay site here!

If I bought a membership last year, do I need to buy another one this year?

Yes! Our memberships refresh each year and expire on the last day of January in following year, regardless of when they're purchased. BUT, because we're economists and we really understand inflation, the price of our membership doesn’t increase in price each year and stays at $5. So really, you’re getting more value out of your membership each year.

Can I join UQES even if I don’t study economics?

Of course! UQES welcomes everyone, not just economics students! Although we’re called the Economics Society, you don’t need to study economics. Most of us share a general interest in economics, but regardless, UQES has so much more to offer everyone, from professional development to the best social events to make friends and grow your network!

Can I join UQES if I’m not a student at UQ?

Absolutely you can! When completing the QPay membership form, there’ll be a question that asks for your student number. If you do not attend UQ, feel free to type any number to in place of a UQ student number.

What do I get with our membership?

With a UQES membership, you’ll get access to all of our corporate, social and educational events, and you’ll be the first to hear about them! These events include our flagship corporate event, Careers & Cocktails, our annual Economics Ball, and so much more! You’ll also hear directly from our range of corporate sponsors about their internship and graduate programs, and with our events, get many opportunities to network with leading industry professionals. On top of that, your UQES membership will get you discounts and deals at a range of places across Brisbane - check out our RedE deals page to learn more! The benefits of buying a membership are truly endless, so keep exploring our website to find out even more!

How do I stay up to date with all of the events?

The UQES calendar is a jam-packed one, so the best way to stay up to date with all of our events is to follow us on social media! We have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which we share all of our events on, but our major events will also be advertised to members directly via email so you don't miss out. Check out our Events page to plan ahead.

How can I join the executive team?

Our executive team recruits twice a year - the first recruitment round is at the end of Semester 1 and the second is at the end of Semester 2. Keep an eye out on our social media so you don’t miss out on the chance to apply! If you’d like to hear more about the executive recruitment process, or what it’s like to be on the exec, feel free to get in contact with anyone in our executive team who are always at our events!

Want to get in touch?

The UQES Executive are always here to help. For general inquiries, please contact . For inquiries specific to corporate sponsorship, please contact . We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.