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Cricket World Cup 2023: The politics and economics behind a beloved sport

All 10 captains gathered at the world’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad on the eve of Cricket World Cup 2023 (Photo Credits: ICC)   ICC Cricket World Cup: A history of last-minute surprises, shocks, and stupidities Low-scoring thrillers, nail-biting ties,...

Barbie Breaking Barriers: the link between representation, equality, and economics

Along with the feminist movement, the labour force has evolved, with women striving for equal pay, equal opportunities, and equal representation. The recently released billion-dollar blockbuster movie featuring everyone’s favourite doll has sparked conversations about...

Robodebt: A Black Mark

Cover image sourced from: (The Conversation, 2023) Forewarning: Whilst the contents of this blog post are naturally political, every attempt has been made to present the facts in an objective matter. The conclusions should be considered an indictment on individuals...

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