Worldonomics is a podcast brought to you by the University of Queensland’s Economics Society’s Diversity portfolio. Each week, we interview academics and professionals on current and emerging issues in finance and economics, as well as broader society. Let us bring the world to you. This podcast is hosted by Bronwyn (she/her), Marty (he/him), Jo (she/her), and Sharada (she/her).

Season 3 Episode 1: Remittances

Season 2 Episode 5: Immigration Myths

Season 2 Episode 4: Future of Work

Season 2 Episode 3: ‘Lean-in’ Myth

Season 2 Episode 2.3: Closing the Gap

Season 2 Episode 2.2: Closing the Gap

Season 2 Episode 2.1: Closing the Gap

Season 2 Episode 1: Pandemic

Season 1 Episode 5: Black Lives Matter

Season 1 Episode 4: Recruitment Special

Season 1 Episode 3: Famin Makes

Season 1 Episode 2: Minority Game

Season 1 Episode 1: ESG Investing

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