Sports & Volunteering

UQES provides various opportunities for you to escape your studies, release some stress, and participate in a bit of social sport and fun. After some thrilling premiership victories, coupled with some stellar last place finishes, the UQES teams are always looking for new recruits to help re-lever our balance sheet to winning margins! With quite a diverse portfolio of sports to choose from, we expect great returns for very little risk!
Each semester we enter teams in 7-a-Side-Soccer, Touch Rugby League, Netball and Basketball. Team registration is held in the first week of semester so make sure you express your interest early to earn a spot on the team.
We also host a number of corporate sporting days that aim to create a social and relaxed environment for networking, as well as grudge matches against other UQ faculties.

The UQES also participates in a number of volunteering initiatives each year, doing our part to give back to the community. In the 2nd semester of 2016, the UQES took part in Do It In A Dress campaign raising money to educate girls in Africa. Stay tuned for how you can get involved in future initiatives.

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