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Economists can be seen as truth-seekers. Part of their job is to find out how and why the human world works the way it does. Lately, though, it’s becoming harder to distinguish the truth from mere perception.

In her article, Braw argues that all types of misinformation need to be called out. She reminds us of well-known events that have been fuelled by inaccurate information, including the anti-vaccine movement and the Capitol Hill riots. But she also alerts us to more subtle and seemingly innocuous forms of misleading information, specifically the stories that emerged from Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle. Following that interview, Meghan Markle was praised for opening up about her experiences in the British royal family. But Braw uses the interview to make the point that misinformation is not just an “alt-right” issue. If we’re not careful, any of us can become guilty of spreading it.

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Is “Speaking Your Truth” the New Alternative Facts?
Elisabeth Braw
Foreign Policy

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