Shadid Ahmed


Email: president@uqes.com.au

Emma Beal


Email: treasurer@uqes.com.au

Zoya Sarapa


Email: secretary@uqes.com.au

Machel Tamani

Vice President (Social Sponsorship)

Jade Woodall

Vice President (Publications)

Prajin Shah

Vice President (Education)

Suzanne Wong

Vice President (Marketing)

Grace Reinhold

Vice President (Diversity)

2019 Executive
Name Position
Shadid Ahmed President
Emma Beal Treasurer
Zoya Sarapa Secretary
Machel Tamani Vice President (Social Sponsorship)
Jade Woodall Vice President (Publications)
Prajin Shah Vice President (Education)
Suzanne Wong Vice President (Marketing)
Grace Reinhold Vice President (Diversity)
Bhaumik Mhatre Vice President (Corporate Sponsorship)
Nina Coates Social Sponsorship Officer
Maylis Loth Social Sponsorship Officer
Jennifer Zhang Social Sponsorship Officer
Zach Hayward Publications Officer
Georgina Kirby Publications Officer
Isaac Nankavill Publications Officer & IT Officer
Conor O’Seighn Publications Officer
Tian Behenna Education Officer
Gargi Dengwekar Diversity Officer
Oliver Chen Marketing Officer
William Garske Corporate Sponsorship Officer
Callum McFaul Corporate Sponsorship Officer
Bridget Seawright Corporate Sponsorship Officer
2018 Executive
Name Position
Jemma Lee See President
Abbey Smith Treasurer
Nick Fidler Secretary
Alexandra Perry Vice President
Amy McIlwraith Director (Corporate Sponsorship)
Shadid Ahmed Director (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Tim O’Brien Director (Publications)
Gemma Pryde Director (Marketing)
Benjamin Smith Director (Education)
Han Tang Sponsorship Officer
Tom Coe Sponsorship Officer
Liv Duce Sponsorship Officer
Morgan Richards Sponsorship Officer
Izzy Orazio Sponsorship Officer
Andrei Constantin Sponsorship Officer
Jun Yiu Sponsorship Officer
Chloe Painter Social Officer
Lucy Muir Social Officer
Zoya Sarapa Social Officer
Laurie Bristow Publications Officer
Emma Beal Publications Officer
Matt Lockhart Publications Officer
Nicholas Boys IT Officer
Suzanne Wong Marketing Officer
Gemma Lawrance Social (Sport) Officer
Jade Woodall Social (First Year) Officer
Phoebe Bardsley Diversity Officer
Bernardo Gonzalez Arechiga Diversity Officer
Will Mccarthy Education Officer
Prajin Shah Education Officer
2017 Executive
Name Position
Nigel Turay President
Ben Hyland Treasurer
Jess Downing-Ide Secretary
Nick O’Hara Vice President
Kate Mann Director (Corporate Sponsorship)
Gillian Vogel Director (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Edward Watson Director (Publications)
Hayden Fabe Director (Marketing)
Caelan Rafferty Director (Education)
Amy McIlwraith Sponsorship Officer
Giles Morgan Sponsorship Officer
Han Tang Sponsorship Officer
Jemma Lee See Social Officer
Alexandra Perry Social Officer
Gabe Tiernan Social Officer
Tim O’Brien Publications Officer
Ryan Palfrey Publications Officer
Gregory Corner Marketing & IT Officer
Natalya Packham Sports & Volunteering Officer
Madeleine Rapisardi First Year Officer
Rebecca Wall Diversity Officer
2016 Executive
Name Position
Phillip Womack President
Matthew Hanlon Treasurer
Edward Hogan Secretary
Alexander Buckle Vice President
Nigel Turay Director (Corporate Sponsorship)
Amy Turner Director (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Nick O’Hara Director (Publications)
Madeline Rodgers Director (Marketing)
Jess Downing-Ide Director (Education)
Angelique Ilk Sponsorship Officer
Brooke Davies Sponsorship Officer
Emily Wong Sponsorship Officer
Giles Morgan Social Officer
Benjamin Hyland Social Officer
Joshua Roser Social Officer
Edward Watson Publications Officer
Famin Ahmed Publications Officer
Luke Morris Sports & Volunteering Officer
Shivankaran Muraleedaran First Year Officer
Ransi Weerasooriya International Student Officer
Gregory Corner IT Officer
2015 Executive
Name Position
Douglas Holt President
Georgia Poole Treasurer
Prianka Thomas Secretary
Hannah Barnes Vice President
Matthew Hanlon Director (Corporate Sponsorship)
Timothy Bird Director (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Phil Womack Director (Publications)
Caroline Mullin Director (Marketing)
Karim Moummar Director (Education)
Alexander Buckle Sponsorship Officer
Sharon Wong Sponsorship Officer
Emily Wong Sponsorship Officer
Shiva Muraleedaran Social Officer
Charlotte Poole Social Officer
Brooke Davies Social Officer
Eloise Jolly Publications Officer
Edward Hogan Publications Officer
Stuart Morrison Sports & Volunteering Officer
Ebony Granada First Year Officer
2014 Executive
Name Position
Marko Bogicevic President
Ben Ngo Treasurer
Rachael Stowasser Secretary
Nicholas Thomson Vice President
Hannah Barnes Director (Corporate Sponsorship)
Georgia Poole Director (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Stuart Morrison Director (Publications)
Isobel Chai Director (Marketing)
Ben Jackman Director (Education)
Lachlan Campbell Sponsorship Officer
Ben Morris Sponsorship Officer
Madeleine Emmison Social Officer
Sharon Wong Social Officer
Douglas Holt Publications Officer
Prianka Thomas Publications Officer
Eloise Jolly First Year Officer
Jason Wang Sports & Volunteering Officer
Nancy Luo IT Officer
2013 Executive
Name Position
Nathan Johnston President
Ben Ngo Treasurer
Tim Connell Secretary
Danika Maxwell Vice President
Stefanie Aspden Director (Corporate Sponsorship)
Danica Lind Director (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Ben Jackman Director (Publications)
Monique Doney Director (Marketing)
Lachlan Campbell Sponsorship Officer
Matthew Palmer Sponsorship Officer
Angela Harding Social Officer
Bridget Young Social Officer
Keaton Jenner Publications Officer
Belinda McEniery Publications Officer
Rachael Stowasser First Year Officer
Ben Morris Sports & Volunteering Officer
James Pettigrew IT Officer
2012 Executive
Name Position
Alexander McLaren President
Nathan Johnston Vice President (Corporate Sponsorship & Publications)
Claire Morris Vice President (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Tim Connell Secretary
Reegan Piper Treasurer
Jordan Meredith Sponsorship Officer
Joshua Look Sponsorship Officer
Rachael Fitzpatrick Publications Officer
Carl Tessmann Publications Officer
Danica Lind Social Officer
Alana Tapley Social Officer
Ben Ngo First Year Officer
Ben Morris Social & Activities Officer
Jack Webster Marketing & IT Officer
Le Vu (Mike) Nguyen Postgraduate Officer
2011 Executive
Name Position
Mitchell Piper President
Lucy Wark Vice President (Corporate Sponsorship & Publications)
Claire Morris Vice President (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Ting Wang Secretary
Karl Stacey Treasurer
Cara Turnley Sponsorship Officer
David Elms Sponsorship Officer
Gordon Owens Publications Officer
Carl Tessmann Publications Officer
Jay Hammond Social Officer
Rachael McCririck Social Officer
Nicholas See First Year Officer
Reegan Piper Sports Officer
Ella-Marie Ramos Marketing Officer
Andrew Barnes IT Officer
2010 Executive
Name Position
Byron Hewson President
Aaron Clarke Vice President (Corporate Sponsorship & Publications)
Hansen Tsai Vice President (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Mitchell Piper Secretary & IT Officer
Karl Stacey Treasurer
Ben Young Publications Officer
Lucy O’Hair Publications Officer
Joseph Brice Social Officer
Alexandra Gregg Social Officer
Hannah Galloway Social Officer
Rachael McCririck First Year Officer
Lucy Bechtel First Year Officer
Andrew Hewson Sports Officer
Linda Tam Marketing Officer
Andrew Barnes IT Officer
2009 Executive
Name Position
Oliver Badenhorst President
Anna Wade Vice President (Corporate Sponsorship & Publications)
Amber MacKinnon Vice President (Social Sponsorship & Events)
Mitchell Grady Secretary
Nastassja Pain Treasurer
Byron Hewson Publications Officer
Aaron Clarke Publications Officer
Samira Shahabuddin Social Officer
Alice O’Hair Social Officer
Seva Shovin First Year Officer
Navina Vijaysegaran Sports Officer
Hansen Tsai Marketing Officer
Mitchell Piper IT Officer

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