Education Events

Throughout the year, the Education portfolio provides UQES members with a surplus of opportunities to discuss contemporary economic and policy issues. We invite you to engage with economic thought leaders, through our public lectures and Student v Lecturer debates, to deepen your understanding. For those a little further along the learning curve, we also provide an outlet to put theory into practice through our Policy Pitch competition. The UQES Education portfolio aims to enrich the university experience of all our members.

UQES Discussion Evening

Brings together members of the Society to discuss and debate in a friendly environment the various themes underpinning topical, domestic policy issues.

UQES Student v Lecturer Debate

The debate serves as a testament to the lecturers’ abilities to teach, with the evening promoting camaraderie with, if not bias towards, our fellow students.

UQES Public Lectures

Provides an opportunity to listen and converse with a distinguished member of the economics field, often providing an illustration of the utility of an economic degree.

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