Corporate Events

Our corporate portfolio places critical emphasis on the importance of providing opportunities for our members to focus on shaping their industry presence and crafting their career paths. Our mission is to ensure that our corporate events focus on encouraging students to be well-rounded, flexible graduates who have a burning and informed passion to succeed.

UQES Careers and Cocktails

Careers and Cocktails provides the ideal environment to mingle and learn about the steps that should be taken in order to achieve your career goals. It is also the perfect opportunity to speak with individuals who can provide tips and tricks for acing recruitment processes and securing that dream role!

UQES Networking and Trivia Night

Bring your enthusiasm to a team of your peers and prospective employers for a night of networking trivia. This event provides a different approach to a traditional networking event, providing students the comfort of working as a team with prospective employers to prove that remembering irrelevant facts could actually make you relevant.

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