Careers Guide

Each year the UQES produces a Careers Guide to help bridge the gap between University life and the corporate world. The Careers Guide is an invaluable handbook for students preparing for the work experience and graduate recruitment processes. This year’s guide has over 100 pages of business profiles, cover letter and CV writing tips and other resources.

  • Key dates for graduate and vacation applications
  • A list of firms and government bodies with essential company and recruitment information
  • A ‘how to’ guide for writing CV’s and cover letters

UQES Careers Guide 2019

UQES Careers Guide 2018

UQES Careers Guide 2017

UQES Careers Guide 2016

UQES Careers Guide 2015

UQES Careers Guide 2014

UQES Careers Guide 2013

UQES Careers Guide 2012

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