It’s time for me to get cracking on the UQES economics blog! The post below is my introduction to this blog, written in February. It feels like just yesterday I wrote that! How time flies when you’re having funswamped with assessment.
I’m shocked that we are nearly three months into semester one, although to be fair I am in a state of perpetual shock about how far we are into semester, no matter how far we are actually into semester.
There is probably no better time to get a proper start to a new economics blog than on the evening of the Federal Budget Speech, when every pundit, journalist and economically literate layman has the economy on the mind. Alex Mclaren and I have been commenting on the budget via the UQES twitter account, @UQEconomics, and since I’m in the social media mood, it seems I should keep the ball rolling.
The UQES President Nathan Johnston has asked me to write this post to outline my vision for what this blog should be, and what my expectations are for those who post and comment.
The blog is intended as a chance for UQES members, the UQES executive, students, and the wider academic community at UQ to discuss economics in a setting that reflects the goals of the UQES as anorganisation. Since that may sound like a platitude, let me get specific.
On the front page of our website, we define ourselves as a student organisation that aims to “enrich the university life of all UQ economics students” through “professional development and social interaction in economics”. How can we do this with a blog?
The discussion of ideas in the economics blogosphere has helped me develop my knowledge of our dismal science to no end, sometimes giving me new ideas, reframing old ideas, challenging my beliefs, or refining those I already had. I believe what I have read has nurtured my interest in economics and contributed greatly to my motivation to study this field. I hope to replicate this feeling in others with this blog and the discussion we’re aiming to create. I am sure this meets our criteria of enriching university life for students through social interaction.
In fact, for students in particular, a discussion like that found on blogs is the best way to spark interest in an academic field. Study can feel like a chore, reading professional academic work requires a functional knowledge of the conceptual foundation of that field, and is often difficult for students with a limited technical ability.
So, if you’re studying or thinking about studying economics, or you teach it, or are just interested in it, I hope this blog will engage with you. You are welcome to comment on any post you see, or submit something that you would like to have posted for consideration.
We will write about any topic related to the field of economics. It might be short or long (although we probably won’t post our end of semester assignments). We might write about the economy, or about theory, or our personal experience, or our learning process, or anything else. Anyone can comment on any post, although comments must be relevant and polite. The metrics by which we define relevant and polite are at my discretion, although they default to common sense. The opinions presented are (and will be) solely those of the author, and will in no way reflect that of the UQES, UQ, the UQ Student Union, the UQ School of Economics, or any other related body.
I will begin in the next day or two with a post on the budget presented by the Federal Treasurer this evening. I hope it promotes discussion, or inspires someone else to post something. The UQES Executive will be posting intermittently over the rest of the year, and our Former President Dear and Eternal Leader Alex McLaren might even make an appearance.
At any rate, I hope you enjoy.

Ben Jackman.

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