Come one, come all. UQES’ Ball, Cirque D’Economie, is almost at hand!

With Ball just around the corner, you might be wondering, as all economists should and would, what the specific utility you gain from a UQES 2017 Ball ticket is. Is ball really worth my time and dime? Well look no further, we have the modelling covered for you (the economic type, pubs team ain’t good lookin’ unfortunately). We’ll take you through the utility of attending ball and end any doubt you may have had on the exponential consumer surplus provided by your 2017 Ball ticket. We’re in for an unforgettable night filled with food, entertainment, oh, and bevvies!

You see, having people around us entertains us, causing our utility, or happiness, to increase as more people enter our social circle.







Now, in normal circumstances this can actually become overwhelming for many of us, which can lead to diminishing returns in our utility as more people begin to surround us.






For some, it can even become detrimental, outright decreasing the amount of fun we’re having.

This basic analysis is fairly easily adopted to just about any social situation, from drinking at the red room to leaving the house during swotvac. But we’re not talking about just any social interaction today; we’re talking about the Cirque D’Economie, so naturally we have to factor in the added effects of a significant supply of alcohol.

The beautiful thing about having a drink or two with mates is that it tends to bring out the hidden personalities within people, and removes the significant barriers to trade (of banter) we call “social standards”. By examining the primary types of drunks, we can accurately map the correlation between happiness and time as the night progresses.


Let’s start high with what is objectively the best category of drunks. Positive, energetic, and always up for a hug that lasts a little longer than it should, they’re the group you want to be around on a night like this.

Function: Utility(Time)=Friendliness(Life-Pessimism)+hugs2


Look, we get it: life sucks, and then we die. But do you really have to bring that attitude to a night out? Yes, person I’ve never met before, I’ll listen to you talk about the most recent catastrophe in your life, but I won’t feel good about it.

Function: Utility(time)=Existence-(Happiness(puppies, kittens, rainbows)*desire to live)optimism


We all have that one friend who just can’t handle their liquor. Whether it be from going too hard too fast, or coming down from an already massive day, they just can’t seem to keep their eyes open any longer. Be a good friend and plan ahead; a nice bed under the table is always a good way to go.

Function: Utility(time)=Z3

It’s gonna be an awesome night, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there! If you still haven’t bought a ticket, never fear; there are a few last minute tickets available at!

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