With 2020 off to a flying start after the release of the BEcon Guide, it’s time to introduce the pubs team. This is a menagerie of economics obsessed nerds carefully selected by UQES in the hopes of entertaining you for another year (or for the first time).


Portfolio Position: Generic BAFE boy #237
Personal Economics Flaw: Continues to buy avocado toast in this housing market
Edgy Topic: Denzel Curry should make a metal album
My Best Characteristic: I make your caffeine dependency look healthy
My Meanest Characteristic: The number of Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts I own
Political Position: Calls people comrade after a few beers
Dream Job: Professional student
Proudest Moment: Once being called funny in anonymous tutor feedback


Portfolio Position: pls fix, thx
Personal Economics Flaw: 10 Officeworks printing cards with less than a dollar on them
Edgy Topic: 2009 leather jacket Malcolm Turnbull was just OK
My Best Characteristic: Will reference progressively more obscure Simpsons scenes
the longer the conversation goes
My Meanest Characteristic: Will aggressively judge your coffee order
Political Position: Radical centrism that increases with alcohol consumption
Dream Job: Lord High Imperator of All Everything
Proudest Moment: The most recent occasion I ignored SALT


Portfolio Position: Publication and Diversity Officer
Personal Economics Flaw: The Dan Murphy’s clearance bin
Edgy Topic: There is no such thing as a good orange flavoured lolly
My Best Characteristic: Too many to choose from
My Meanest Characteristic: Who said I had one!
Political Position: Correct
Dream Job: Being one of those people that yells about interest rates on late-night business television
Proudest Moment: One time I talked so loud in a lecture you could hear me in the recording


Portfolio Position: Resentful Propaganda Machine
Personal Economics Flaw: refuses to accept that the fuel cycle is indisputably real
Edgy Topic: people who pronounce espresso ‘expresso’ should be publicly executed at dawn
My Best Characteristic: Only non-BAFE kid on the Publications team
My Meanest Characteristic: Owns RMs exactly like BAFE kids
Political Position: worried that the Coronavirus will evolve into a sentient socialist organism
Dream Job: Being paid to cite other economists’ hard work on reddit
Proudest Moment: realising that doing economics as my 3rd degree at uni was a smart idea because I clearly wasn’t meant to contribute to society

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