Declan Hunt

Portfolio Position: pls fix, thx
Personal Economics Flaw: flaw? singular?
Edgy Topic: 2009 leather jacket Malcolm Turnbull was just OK
My Best Characteristic: near encyclopedic knowledge of The Simpsons seasons 1-12
My Meanest Characteristic: I do BAFE
Political Position: owns both RMs and Doc Martens
Dream Job: the central planner in all economics questions
Proudest Moment: not crying during the ECON2050 final exam

Ruby Iles

Portfolio Position: token arts student
Personal Economics Flaw: believing Lime scootering is a very efficient mode of transport.
Edgy Topic: Spongebob and Patrick aren’t good for each other.
My Best Characteristic: my discount at Merlo.
My Meanest Characteristic: I’ll judge your coffee order.
Political Position: “I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man I will not!”
Dream Job: prominent journalist (horoscope section)
Proudest Moment: finally submitting an essay by the due date.

Jennifer Min

Portfolio Position: Declan’s MINion
Personal Economics Flaw: my deep desire for a typewriter. Now you know what to get me for my birthday.
Edgy Topic: not really a coffee person – yet.
My Best Characteristic: I will happily help you with uni work.
My Meanest Characteristic: I will happily refuse to give you the answers 🙂
Political Position: What’s in a name?
Dream Job: time traveller.
Proudest Moment: going to any Asian country and eavesdropping on random English conversations between unsuspecting foreigners.

Dylan Mortimore

Portfolio Position: Declan’s Boss
Personal Economics Flaw: cannot accurately discount the expected future costs of beer consumption to maximise inter-temporal utility.
Edgy Topic: the Oxford comma is mandatory, not stylistic.
My Best Characteristic: I know how to use a semicolon.
My Meanest Characteristic: correcting other people’s grammar is my only source of self-esteem.
Political Position: ardent supporter of the Pirate Party (Johnny Depp for PM).
Dream Job: lifeguard (or drowning swimmer) who features on Bondi Rescue.
Proudest Moment: convincing my Year 10 Maths teacher to give me two extra marks.

Daniel Walton

Portfolio Position: Nostradameus
Personal Economics Flaw: the pokies room at 3am.
Edgy Topic: Michael Jackson is a fraud he just copied The Weeknd’s sound.
My Best Characteristic: I have never lost a race in Mario Kart.
My Meanest Characteristic: I’m known to lie about how good I am at Mario Kart.
Political Position: Left-Wing this, Right-Wing that. Can’t a man just fish?
Dream Job: Ukrainian Army Soldier
Proudest Moment: when an old lady calls me “dear”

Elise Williams

Portfolio Position: secretly a baby accountant/self-loathing americanophobe
Personal Economics Flaw: The Ordinary
Edgy Topic: rats are actually adorable and loving pets
My Best Characteristic: cats appear to like me
My Meanest Characteristic: incessant complainant
Political Position: inconsistent socialist
Dream Job: realistically…accountant. In my dreams, being the person to make all the monster and goblin noises in video games.

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