Daniel Walton


Portfolio Position: Top dog

Personal Economics Flaw: Thinking I can make money on the cartoon races

Edgy Topic: Portuguese and Spanish are the same language

My Best Characteristic: I can name every state in Australia.

My Meanest Characteristic: Calling mildly inconvenient things Orwellian

Political Position: Do the complete opposite of whatever Joe Rogan says

Dream Job: UQBA Sub-Executive

Proudest Moment: When my grandma tells me I look nice

Emma Searle


Portfolio Position: Too busy googling synonyms

Personal Economics Flaw: Only buying the chocolate-flavoured boost juices 

Edgy Topic: Times New Roman should be the only font option for anything, ever

My Best Characteristic: Knowing everything about modern British socio-political history because I watched all 4 seasons of The Crown

My Meanest Characteristic: Thinking The Crown is a reliable historical source

Political Position: Unflinchingly believing whatever the UQU campaigners tell me at the bus stop

Dream Job: Jimmy Carr’s laugh

Proudest Moment: The one time I didn’t forget my umbrella under the desk on Lawbry level 2


Charlotte Thorne


Portfolio Position: Chronic accidental zoom un-muter

Personal Economics Flaw: Downwards averaging my positions that never stop going down

Edgy Topic: Economics is literally fake

My Best Characteristic: Being repeatedly used as promotional material for Birdees

My Meanest Characteristic: Red scare listener

Political Position: The opposite of what Instagram story infographics tell me, out of spite

Dream Job: Pilates addicted Teneriffe stay at home wife 

Proudest Moment: Watching a lecture on 1x speed


Jen Zhang


Portfolio Position: ES dinosaur

Personal Economics Flaw: Only wearing activewear from Lululemon

Edgy Topic: My CFA team should’ve won…

My Best Characteristic: Will offer to host kick-ons

My Meanest Characteristic: Will fall asleep mid conversation at my own kick-ons

Political Position: Indro golf course member

Dream Job: Whoop ambassador

Proudest Moment: Keeping my 24/7 access to Bloomy for the last three years


Ulric Nieminen



Portfolio Position: Here for bar tabs

Personal Economics Flaw: Picked philosophy instead of BAFE

Edgy Topic: Hungry Jack’s is the only restaurant choice which maximises utility

My Best Characteristic: Can name every Korean streamer in Just Chatting

My Meanest Characteristic: Will attempt to discuss them with you in public

Political Position: Juche

Dream Job: Male gravure idol

Proudest Moment: Making my joke application seem really convincing


Elise Williams

Portfolio Position: Accountant in disguise

Personal Economics Flaw: Falling for the “get free shipping with $x spend” tactic

Edgy Topic: (Domesticated) rats are very cute

My Best Characteristic: Bullies NFT bros online

My Meanest Characteristic: My iron deficiency is my only personality trait

Political Position: Whatever Grimes is saying (jk)

Dream Job: Accountant lol

Proudest Moment: Being good at economics in year 12 (spoiler: never happened again)

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