Here at the UQES Meme Factory UQES Publications Portfolio we are interested in providing the proletariat UQ students with informative information such as the BEcon and Career Guides, intriguing blog posts concerning everything from pub crawl to the pros and cons of daylight savings, and exciting toilet reading such as the new quarterly Newsletter and our re-branded Journal of Creative Distractions.

More excitingly, our publications this year will also be open to student contributions. If you have any great ideas that you want to turn into a blog post, or want to write a longer researched article for the Journal of Creative Distractions, just give us a holler at, and we can help you out!

It is only fitting that we introduce ourselves to quell any potential uprising so that you are familiar with the folk who will be dishing out content for you as you procrastinate in 2017. We’d also like to show you where we lie on the political spectrum, so that when you disagree with us you can resort immediately to calling out our leftist rubbish without having to scroll through Eddie’s inane Facebook statuses to find out whether he is a Young Greens member first.

If you’re planning on planning your courses this semester (in between swiping right to us on Tinder), you’ll be pleased to know that the BEcon Guide is on its way! We still need a few more reviews, however, and would appreciate if you could swing by and leave some comments. There are prizes!

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