You’ve made it through the best and most awkward week of your life, Week 1! With the success of market day (we really hope you didn’t burn and look like a tomato, because I sure did) and your ever-growing progress with finding your classes, we thought this would be a good time to be social and introduce ourselves.

We are your UQES Publications Team for 2019. While the other portfolios can be thanked for the Launch Party (and its bar tab), as well as upcoming events such as the First Year Dinner, Careers & Cocktails and our first Discussion Evening, we are responsible for the recently released First Year Guide and the Becon Guide. Additionally, we will be responsible for your future procrastination reading when you definitely should be studying. Throughout the year, my incredible team will be supplying you with entertaining blog posts as well as some of our other larger publications.

Don’t be afraid to come say hello and start a conversation if you see us. You will probably find us at Beltop Cafe taking advantage of our RedE Card deal (free upsize, can’t go wrong with that) or crying somewhere in a lecture hall. Either way, we’re always up for a chat.

Without further ado, let us remove all asymmetric information and introduce ourselves in a very professional manner:

Jade Woodall

Portfolio Position: Someone who is trying their best, I promise
Personal Economics Flaw: I am the reason T2 is still in business
Edgy Topic: Season 3 of Riverdale is really good
My Best Characteristic: I will buy you an iced almond milk coffee
My Meanest Characteristic: I won’t put any sugar or sweetener in it
Political Position: Ask me after a few drinks
Dream Job: Instagram Influencer
Proudest Moment: I won the textbook for ECON2030 by drawing an Edgeworth box on the Doc-Cam (Thanks Ian)

Georgina Kirby

Portfolio Position: Jade’s minion
Personal Economics Flaw: You can never have too many T-shirts!
Edgy Topic: I haven’t read the Harry Potter series
My Best Characteristic: Will tell it like it is
My Meanest Characteristic: Will tell it like it is
Political Position: Make Australia Great Again
Dream Job: Professional couch potato
Proudest Moment: Just anytime I make it anywhere on time really

Zach Hayward

Portfolio Position: Glasses #2
Personal Economics Flaw: Once bought a gym membership
Edgy Topic: RMs are not a personality
My Best Characteristic: Will shout Princess Bride references at you
My Meanest Characteristic: Does BAFE
Political Position: Has two pairs of Doc Martens
Dream Job: Host of Q&A
Proudest Moment: Being in the background of a weather report on the ABC

Isaac Nankavill

Portfolio Position: The Hobbit
Personal Economics Flaw: I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it.
Edgy Topic: Australia actually has a very good political system, despite 5 PMs in 5 years.
My Best Characteristic:Will make you coffee
My Meanest Characteristic: Will judge your taste in coffee
Political Position:
Whatever my parents indoctrinated me with from a young age
Dream Job: Dog walker to the stars
Proudest Moment: When I bought RMs so that I would finally have a personality

Conor O’Seighin

Portfolio Position: They keep me on retainer for when they need someone attractive to be in publicity photos.
Personal Economics Flaw: When it comes to bucket hats, impulse purchasing is entirely understandable
Edgy Topic: Midsomer Murders is the pinnacle of quality television
My Best Characteristic: Giving off the general impression that I’m a 60 year old Grandma who knits
My Meanest Characteristic: Will judge you if you don’t use your keep cup
Political Position: But the Scandinavian countries do it!
Dream Job: Any position on Gardening Australia
Proudest Moment: Winning best ‘air guitarist’ at a Wiggles concert when I was 6

The UQES team has many exciting events coming up! The First Year Dinner is just around the corner on the 12th of March, our networking event ‘Careers and Cocktails’ is approaching on the 20th of March and our highly anticipated annual ball will be taking place on the 11th of May. For now, make sure you check out the BEcon guide for all the tips and tricks you’ll need to navigate yourself through the rough sea that is University.

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