This book outlines the short-lived history of failed biotechnology startup Theranos and two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Carreyrou’s investigation into the chaos surrounding the company. He delves into the motivations of the young and intensely ambitious CEO, Elizabeth Holmes.

Carreyrou paints a detailed map of the journey of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. Born out of her desire to build a self-made fortune, Holmes’ initial vision was to create patches that could test a patient’s blood and diagnose for a wide variety of diseases.

This idea attracted Holmes a lot of attention. From her Stanford peers to Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists and former US Secretaries’ of State, they were enthralled. However, this did not solve the critical issue that Theranos engineers attempted to make clear to Holmes – the devices were impossible to create. This was partly because of the impossible restrictions Holmes placed on the device design but also current medical technology was not advanced enough. Whatever the source of the technical difficulties was, Holmes’ desire to be regarded as a tech start-up success did not diminish and she was set upon succeeding at any costs. No matter the high staff-turnover, constant harassment claims and a corporate culture which fed on lying and deceit.

Whatever you get up to during quarantine, there is no denying that this book is impossible to put down. Each chapter reveals a fresh batch of corporate corruption and lies, sure to keep you entertained.

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